Hey there, I'm Henry

A software developer
from Colombia 🇨🇴

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About me

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Hi, nice to e-meet you 👋
I'm Henry Zarza a system engineer from Colombia. I defined myself as dedicated and passionate about what I like, self-taught, adventurous, nerdy, and creative. I love to push my limits every day and face new challenges.

What am I doing?
  • Improving my English and Italian (I love languages).
  • Learning new APIs, frameworks, libraries, and best practices.
  • I love creative code, UI/UX, I'm a design enthusiast, so I tend to play around in mywith some stuff.

Let's keep in touch:

What do I know?

  • JavaScript using some Web APIs, Service worker, web workers, and TypeScript.
  • ReactJS using some libraries, GraphQL, Redux, Hooks, NextJS, and Context API. I'm learning React Native.
  • VueJS using some libraries, Nuxt, GraphQL, and Pinia.
  • CSS using SCSS, Less, and Stylus preprocessors. Libraries and frameworks (Bootstrap, Materialize, Foundation, Material Design, Tachyons, Tailwind, and Chakra UI). CSS modules and styled components.
  • HTML using several APIs, and preprocessors (Pug, Slim, and Handlebars).
  • NodeJS using Express framework. I'm learning Nest.
  • Database management system (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle 10g - 11g using PL/SQL, SQL Server using Transact SQL), and MongoDB.
  • Testing: React Testing Library, Mocha, Jest, Vitest, Playwright, and Test Cafe.
  • Angular using some libraries, NGRX, and RxJS.


These are not all the projects where I've participated and done (for confidentiality and privacy of information I can't show them all). Many of the following projects are personal and small because my goal and purpose is learning and testing libraries, frameworks, tools, and other things.

Advent of CSS

It was a challenge powered by Compressed.fm in December of 2022. For 24 days I received an email with 24 CSS challenge, is my solution for the challenges.

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In 2020, I decided to do this challenge to practice, improve, and learn new things about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web APIs. I had to think "out of the box" and be creative, but I really enjoyed it.

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I wanna share with you random things like articles, talks, resources, codbits, experiences, thoughts, etc. I can't think about a name for this section so I just named it "Cookbook" 🤓


Sometimes is difficult to find the inspiration or good tools, photos, etc, for using, when we wanna do something, so I wanna share with you some links that for me are very useful.

If you know more links, please don't hesitate to share it, I'll be really grateful.